La Pavoni "Primo" LP-200 Commercial One Pod Espresso Machine

La Pavoni "Primo" LP-200 Commercial One Pod Espresso Machine

Product SKU: LP-200


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Product Specs

Width: 13 in.
Height: 18 in.
Depth: 18 in.
Capacity: 125 drinks/day
Number of Hoppers 1
Voltage: 110//
Wattage: 1300W
Shipping Weight: 50.00 pounds
Manufactured By: La Pavoni
Product SKU: LP-200
UPC: 8074291739

1-Year Limited Warranty
Residential User: Using commercial equipment in a residence is not recommended, may violate the Homeowner's Insurance and will also invalidate the warranty associated with the product. We reserve the right to charge Residental Users an additional $50 for shipping commercial products to a residential address.
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Product Description

Efficient and powerful, Primo will produce creamy espresso, thick cappuccino's and also has a hot water tap for teas, and hot chocolates. This unit only requires V110 and 1300 watts of power to operate making it the perfect catering unit or permanent in-store/office machine. Machine is completely commercial grade and can be left on all day. 100-125 drink a day output. Volumetric keypad allows for single & double programmable doses. Side locking water compartment.

Primo features a removable 3 liter water tank which feeds a 2.5 liter commercial brass boiler. Separate solenoids for espresso, steam and hot water allow you to use all functions simultaneously.

The commercial design allows you to produce an assortment of hot drinks with no recovery time between.

  • 1 Group Pod System
  • Copper 2.5-liter boiler
  • 3.5 liter removable water tank
  • Side lever coffee delivery
  • Mounted pressure gauge
  • Ready lights for espresso & cappuccino
  • Separate controls for espresso and cappuccino
  • Hot water knob
  • Low water indicator
  • Passive water filtration system
  • Removable drip tray
  • Independent power sources for coffee and steam

Made in Italy